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Friday, July 8, 2011

Got Compost: New Brown Bin = Green Waste Recycling

Got Compost: New Brown Bin = Green Waste Recycling: "Toward the end of June 2011, Santa Maria City residents were introduced to our community’s new Green Waste Recycling program. Getting to thi..."

New Brown Bin = Green Waste Recycling

Toward the end of June 2011, Santa Maria City residents were introduced to our community’s new Green Waste Recycling program. Getting to this point has been a long road but thanks to the City’s Utilities Dept., headed by Rick Sweet, we’re on the road to becoming a “greener” community.

Green Waste Recycling may be new to our city but many other municipalities have been separating, collecting and composting this valuable resource for years. Santa Maria tried out a pilot program in February 2009, with every other week yard materials collections for three test areas. Collected materials were delivered to Engel & Gray Regional Compost Facility where they were recycled into premium compost, some of which was used to top dress City parks.
Each household in the pilot area diverted an average of over 360 pounds of yard materials from the landfill for a total of over 280,000 pounds of yard materials recycled during the five month pilot program. The success of this project saved valuable space within the City landfill.
Blue Bin, Brown Bin, Blue Bin, Etc.
By now we’re all used to placing our blue recycling containers out along with the trash bins every other week. All we'll need to remember is to alternate the blue can with our new brown lidded bin; instead of tossing leaves, brush and grass in the trash, we can now recycle these valuable resources by tossing them into  the new container that will be collected every other week. One week: blue recycle container. The next week: Brown recycle container. It's that simple.
Our Green Waste recycling program will extend the life of the landfill and defer the capital costs to build a new landfill. In addition, the Solid Waste per Capita Disposal Measurement Act requires cities and counties not only to meet waste diversion requirements for their landfills, but also to implement a number of recycling programs such as a Green Waste program.
What can and cannot go into the Green Waste recycling container?
ACCEPTABLE: Leaves, fallen fruit, grass clippings, weeds, plant prunings, small branches, clean wood, plants with little soil
NON-ACCEPTABLE: Plastic bags, glass, paper, trash, animal waste, diapers, palm or yucca trimmings, painted, glued or pressure treated wood, rocks, gravel, dirt, asphalt, cement, metal, paint, oil, liquids, hazardous materials
For added convenience, refer to the quick guide label of acceptable/non-acceptable materials shown on the lid of your Green Waste container (brown lid).
How does the program work?
Curbside collection of Green Waste (containers with a brown lid) will be every other week, on weeks alternating with Recycling collection (containers with a blue lid), on your regular trash collection day. To assure pick-up, containers must be placed curbside by 6:30 a.m. on your scheduled collection day. Please do not place your Recycling and Green Waste containers out the same week. Refer to your collection calendar for extra help.
Where do I place my container out for collection?
Please place your Green Waste container next to your regular refuse container, allowing five feet of clear space around each container. If your containers are located on the street, please make sure no vehicles are blocking access to them.
Where can I get more information?
For more detailed information about the Green Waste program, along with frequently asked questions and answers, visit the City’s web page or to request a copy of your collection schedule, call 925-0951 ext. 7270.