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Friday, June 9, 2017

The Soil and Water Connection

The soil-water connection is a real one, for a healthy soil, rich in organic matter, not only has a dramatic impact on the reduction of runoff volumes, but also captures and degrades pollutants before they have an opportunity to foul ground and surface water.
In 1997, the U.S. Composting Council (USCC) published The Soil and Water Connection as an easy-to-use document that would explain the connection of soil to water, as well as the fundamentals of composting.  In essence, it was The Farmer’s Almanac of the composting world. Since that time, public opinion has steered in a positive direction and an increase in organics for environmental applications (as well as the results) can be seen. The composting industry has also evolved in its techniques and the various ways in which compost can be applied. This makes now the perfect time for a second edition, and the USCC has done just that. The Soil and Water Connection: A Watershed Manager’s Guide to Organics is an updated booklet that takes the original’s message and applies it to today’s world. 
The first half of The Soil and Water Connection focuses on the environmental problems of soil degradation and water pollution, the harmful effects they are having on the environment and what compost application can do to change all that. From there its goes on to explain just what compost is, its processes and what makes it so valuable to soil and water. Finally, the guide describes what can be done to prevent these problems, as well as composting’s role going forward.  
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